Caleta de Fuste

Caleta in Fuerteventura is the place to be!

Summer Beach Party

Over the past few years, an evening beach party has been held at the end of July, or beginning of August, on a Saturday night.

The event has got bigger each year.  It is a free event with bands and singers, singing mainly songs in English, appearing on the stage.  The event is organised by the Ayuntamiento de Antigua. Mobile kiosks sell a range of food and drink.

It starts at 9pm and ends at 5am.  In 2016 there was a firework display too. The event attracts about 5,000 people.

The 2017 Beach Party - 

In this month's Fuertextra, Debbie Edgington writes that the Beach Party will be held over the two evenings of Friday and Saturday 28 and 29 July 2017.

Friday will feature classic hits performed by tribute acts and bands.

Saturday will feature a high energy mix of musicians, groups and DJ's, with music and dancing continuing well into the early hours.