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Hey Everyone, Have read the forum for a long time but just joined as newbies, we are not however new to Caleta. Hoping someone can give me a little advise as we hope to buy a property to rent and eventually one day move out. We have been to Caleta loads of times and love it there. 1. Can we go to the bank next to Atlantico Centre and enquire about bank repossessions? 2. Does anyone know of any good financial advisors that we could contact? 3. Are there any good social groups or sites (apart from this one) we can join to find out info or make friends? Thanks all :) Kim and Rhys
Kim and Rhys
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Hello Kim and Rhys.  Welcome to the forum.

Solbank at the Atlantico Center are part of Banco Sabadell and advertise repossessions through Solvia who have a website.

I don't know of any financial advisors here.

There are some Facebook groups for Caleta de Fuste that might be useful.

Be careful about buying and renting out.  According to the law you need to have a Licence for lettiing out, although many people do let out without a licence. It's all a bit of a minefield.  However, you are allowed to rent out to family and friends.

There are a lot of horror stories where people have let out long term, and the tenants have left owing months of rent, and doing damage to the property.  So be careful.

Please feel free to ask questions, and we'll do our best to answer them.

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Thanks so much for your reply :) We intend to be cautious. Back out next month and canĀ?t wait.
Kim and Rhys
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Just a little bit further info from Steve's reply regarding letting.  There are new laws being discussed as we speak, and they may, or may not, effect the areas where you will be allowed to let to holiday makers.  So far all that has been agreed is that you will be allowed to rent out in tourist areas; however, some areas are very grey as to whether or not they are classified as a tourist area, and they may reclassify some areas.

Also, when renting out to holiday makers, you must register your guests with the police.

You can find bank repos in some estate agents, although be careful and don't believe everything they say LOL! This agent deals a lot with bank repos:

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